Seismic shudders shake Ardentinny

Smoke rises after the controlled explosion

Yesterday, 17 December 2014, Ardentinny was again submitted to a series of explosive blasts, varying in intensity, originating from RNAD Coulport.

On this occasion the village was forewarned, in contrast to the stream of explosions which occurred in March of this year. However, a forewarning of ‘explosions due to work between the hours of 10.00 and 16.00 hours’ neither gives a reason nor protects against properties experiencing seismic shudders nor people and animals, shock and distress.

A call to RNAD Coulport to register a formal complaint resulted in the advice to do so in writing to Commodore Naval Box C, HMNB Clyde, Helensburgh, G84 8HL.


Ardentinny Community Action Plan Steering Group formed

A meeting was held on Friday 12th December to set up a steering group to produce an Action Plan for Ardentinny. The meeting was chaired by David Mackenzie, National Park, and present were representatives from the Art Club, the Badminton Group, the Bowling Club, the Community Council, the Community Trust, the SWRI and the Village Hall Committee. A representative from the Church was unable to attend but hopes to come to future meetings. A steering group was set up to take the plan forward.

Ardentinny Community Action Plan – Steering Group

Marian Norris (Chairman)

Jo Carr

Val Kennedy

Dougie Menzies

Lynn Kerr

Eileen Connell

Dennis Gower

Sandra Primrose

Plan Organiser: Ceci Alderton

It is hoped that all the community will take the opportunity to have their say about various matters concerning the village. A written survey will be issued to all households in Ardentinny in January, and Ceci Alderton will conduct interviews with stakeholders. Villagers will be contacted to ask if they are willing to be interviewed. All information and suggestions will be collated and there will be a community workshop to be held in Ardentinny Hall on Saturday 21st March 1-3.


Noise Warning from MoD, Coulport.

Ardentinny Community Council have conveyed to us the following message:





Larach road not passable

sligWe understand that the Larach road C9 from Sligrachan Bus turning  to Whistlefield is currently impassable due to freezing snow. Argyll & Bute Council gritters only operate to Sligrachan terminus. They do not grit past this point.


Defibrillator for Ardentinny

2014-12-12_10-24-12A project, led by Community Council secretary, Roy Harrison, to raise money for a village defibrillator has achieved its aim. The sum of £2,264 has been raised for its purchase. It will be sited on the wall of Ferry House at the top of Ardentinny Centre’s slipway. Once in place, training in its use will be provided to as many people as wish to volunteer.

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Ardentinny Community Council visits RNAD Coulport

It was reported at the December Ardentinny Community Council meeting that 4 members of the Community Council committee (CCc) visited RNAD Coulport at the invitation of the Ministry of Defence.

The Convenor reported that the meeting came about in recognition of the understanding between Coulport and Ardentinny over the past years and to discuss items of local concern which were outlined in Community Councillor, Dennis Gower’s list of questions submitted earlier in the year. She added that staff were very courteous and gave presentations on their role in Coulport and that the Ccc visitors were impressed with their knowledge and level of expertise and felt sure that they take their responsibilities extremely seriously. The Convener said the meeting had been very useful in further cementing the relationship between Coulport and Ardentinny.

There was one question from the floor regarding the levels of tritium gas emissions and the questioner was advised to either write to the MOD with his question or refer to the various reports and websites available online, the SEPA website being one example. It was stressed that it was not the place of the Community Council to give an opinion or take a political stance but simply to pass on the information given to them and that it was important to read newspaper reports with an intelligent mind.

Anyone with questions for the MOD regarding RNAD Coulport can write to : MoD Ministerial Correspondence Unit, 5th Floor, Zone A, Main Building, Whitehall, London SW1A 2HB or email However they will not respond by email. Therefore a postal address will need to be provided if you wish to receive a reply.

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