Walled Garden team looks forward to new season

The imaginative Children's Garden takes shape.
The imaginative Children’s Garden takes shape (complete with bed ends!).

Glenfinart Walled Garden’s plans for participating in Forestry Commission Scotland’s Annual Easter Eggstravaganza at Ardentinny on 21 April are well underway.  After the winter storms which flooded parts of the garden, the volunteers (with the help of the Payback Team) have been hard at work constructing paths, installing edging in the vegetable plots and constructing raised beds in the polytunnel.

Claire’s innovative Children’s Garden is set to become a favourite with the kids this summer. Joining Bug Hotel, Elfin Cottage, the cycle wheel sculpture and the amazing flying fishes will be real flower beds complete with bed ends!

update March 14 009-1
Another view of the Kid’s Garden.

Over the past couple of weeks, levelling work has been taking place at the garden’s public area. This will provide a picnic site as well as an area for the erection of marquees. The Trust would like to extend its gratitude to Alan Cartledge of Glenfinart Caravan park who kindly loaned a digger and driver. Thanks also go to Scott, who over three days made an excellent job of the levelling.

update March 14 007-1
Scott making progress in the new picnic/events area.

With the garden going from strength to strength, so also are the volunteer numbers. Despite the (sometimes) inclement weather, it’s a wonderful tranquil environment in which to spend a few hours each week. Of course, it’s not all weeding  and digging, with many facets to the garden, volunteers can easily find an activity that they are comfortable with, and contribute to the success of the project.  So if you’re interested in getting involved, get in touch with Jimmy Gordon on 01369 810170 or Lynn Kerr on 01369 810275, or simply drop in to the garden if you see the gate open (usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

The Glenfinart Walled Garden Team looks forward to welcoming you for the new season.

Glenfinart Walled Garden Newsletter – March 2014 (PDF)

update March 14 012-1
Children’s Garden.
update March 14 003-1
Edging in place at the vegetable plot.

Argyll MSP writes to Philip Hammond over Coulport blasts.

In a scathing attack on the MoD reported in today’s Sunday Herald, Argyll MSP Michael Russell said “Coulport has been a bad neighbour and it needs to apologise and mend its ways. Many residents were very worried by the blasts which were at times intense enough to shake houses. The fact that no warning was given and that there has still been no adequate explanation makes the situation even worse – and there is a fear that explosions may start again at any time.” Mr Russell has also written to UK defence secretary Philip Hammond.

3 of the horses from Dun Daraich Stables, Glenfinart
Terrifying experience: Three of the five horses from Dun Daraich Stables, Glenfinart who on Thursday panicked during one of the blasts, pinning someone against a wall.

No prior notice of  ‘the exercises’ resulting in the explosions which rocked Ardentinny last week was given to residents. In today’s newspaper report, the MoD apologised to the community and pointed out that the exercise took place in a “remote area”. This “remote area” was in fact directly opposite Ardentinny shore and the explosions could clearly be seen, heard and felt from the village. The MoD spokesperson added “We will ensure advance warning is given for any future training.”

Ardentinny Community Council’s bi-monthly meeting takes place on Tuesday 1 April at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. “MoD Coulport” is on the agenda. All are welcome.

Sunday Herald: MoD apologises after terrorising nuclear base village with series of bomb blasts.
Rob Edwards: Blasts at nuclear bomb plant made us feel we were in a war zone, say villagers.



Nine Blasts today at Coulport

Loud blasts continued to shake Ardentinny today from the exercises taking place at RNAD Coulport. The nine explosions, which varied in intensity, began at 12.15hrs and concluded at 16.52hrs. Some of the blasts could be heard some 4+ miles away from Coulport, on the Whistlefield road (the Larach).

The final explosion early this evening

Possible exercises today at RNAD Coulport

We have received the following statement from HMNB Clyde, Helensburgh.

Royal Marines and Ministry of Defence Police are undertaking planned exercises in a redundant area of RNAD Coulport and carry no risk to the local community or military personnel. The exercises may result in intermittent explosive noise but there is no risk to the public.

HMNB Clyde has also informed us “that further exercises may take place today between 11.45 and 16.45hrs, and there is also the possibility of further exercises taking place either next Tuesday (1 April) or Wednesday (2 April). This is to be confirmed”. They also confirmed that, as Community Council Convener Val Kennedy has offered to be a conduit between the MOD and the community, including ardentinny.org,  that they will liaise with her in future if they are issuing any pre-emptive information about RNAD Coulport activity.


Ardentinny shaken by more Coulport blasts

[Update 16.30:  An MOD spokesperson has just informed us that his colleagues in Coulport have confirmed that the exercises have stopped for this week but there is a possibility that they may continue next Tuesday or Wednesday.]

[Update: 16.15: So far today five loud blasts have been heard from Coulport. Police Scotland have said they are aware of exercises taking place at Coulport and any complaints should be made to the MOD.]

The peaceful village of Ardentinny continued to be shaken today by huge blasts from Coulport. With four blasts on Monday, two blasts were heard yesterday (Tuesday) and a further two today.

An MOD spokesperson said “We apologise if any alarm was caused and that there was nothing to worry about and that the MOD are undertaking exercises which involve the setting off of charges and that these should be completed by this Friday”.

We understand that a local resident has made a formal complaint to the Police in this regard.