15-lodge holiday complex planned for Ardentinny

A planning application for the construction of 15 two and three-bedroom holiday lodges at Barnacabber Farm, Ardentinny has been submitted to Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park.

The application which includes 15 high quality homes with en-suite bathrooms, saunas, barbecue huts and hot tubs would be sited near the existing deer farm. The proposed complex also includes a reception building, shop and 39 parking places.

The planning Application can be viewed in full here and comments submitted here.

Proposed site

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Sculptured fish and toadstools afloat

With garden art afloat and ‘Elfin Cottage’ under a foot of water, parts of Glenfinart Walled Garden remain flooded from the River Finart overflow on Saturday.

The waters rose sufficiently to penetrate the office floor, however there does not appear to be any damage to the main infrastructure of the garden. Parts of the area are still under around 18 inches of water, so it will take several days to drain off and for the clear-up to begin.





High tide brings floods to Ardentinny shoreline.

Rather than swan lake it was a case of swan wood with swans navigating their way across Coronation Wood today as Loch Long rose to its highest level for several years.

The beach area, from the hotel to Shepherds Point, was well under water at high tide with the slipway totally submerged and the waves lapping around beached boats. The beach path from the church, which was recently repaired by Scottish Water, was washed away and is impassible for vehicles. Coronation Wood was under about a foot of water.

Further along at Shepherds Point, the car park is strewn with seaweed, illustrating the force of the water. The River Finart also burst its banks near the bridge and the bowling green is under water! Glenfinart Walled Garden didn’t escape the force of the weather and suffered significant flooding.

Next high tide is 02.07hrs.

Thanks to Jim Robinson for additional photographs and video.

Snow Goose on beach path.
Snow Goose on beach path.

Video courtesy Jim Robinson

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