Sophie Thompson’s ‘Plumsden’ tree

Sophie Thompson and her 'Plumsden' tree!
Sophie Thompson and her ‘Plumsden’ tree!

Glenfinart Walled Garden’s patron and friend, Sophie Thompson/Lumsden recently planted a plum tree in the garden’s fledgling orchard. She was also kind enough to share her thoughts on this special garden project:

The Glenfinart walled garden feels like it is reclaiming something so utterly nourishing for the local community, literally getting down to the roots of the enchanting place that is Ardentinny. [pullquote]It made us feel so honoured to be a wee part of such an awesome community endeavour.[/pullquote]

The inclusive nature of a garden that embraces all ages, something organic that lies at the very heart of the village, that everyone can be a part of and benefit from, is the sort of thing that can lift a spirit and make a person want to burst in to song!

Sophie's Plum Tree

I spared Anna and Bill Williamson that as we went along on a bright day in February (Yes BRIGHT!) to plant a Plum tree. I just felt plugged in to something so special.

Visited said Plum with Mr Plumsden and the kids a few weeks later. It made us feel so honoured to be a wee part of such an awesome community endeavour.

An utterly fecund place for the roots of Ardentinny to be tended and flourish.

Sophie and her sister Emma Thompson are patrons of Glenfinart Walled Garden.


Damaged buoy scuppers tug mooring


Golden Cross lashed to SD Resourceful

On Wednesday afternoon vintage tug Golden Cross was towed out of the rocky inlet at Shepherds Point where she had drifted to the previous day. After being lashed to Serco tug SD Resourceful in the middle of Loch Long and accompanied by an MOD police boat and RIB police launch, the vessel continued to her original mooring off Ardentinny Hotel.

On examination of the mooring by the MOD crew, we understand that it was impossible to secure the Golden Cross, as the ‘t/bar’ on the buoy had been ripped off. The buoy will therefore need to be replaced.

HMRT Golden Cross was last night taken to a temporary mooring near to the mouth of Loch Goil.

Click image to enlarge.

Video footage to follow shortly.


Historic tug comes to rest in rocky inlet

HMRT Golden Cross is tonight lodged on sand in an inlet near Shepherds Point, Ardentinny, Argyll. The 58 year-old vessel, which broke its mooring in high winds early this morning, drifted off a sandbank near Sandy Beach at high tide.  She is now in relatively calm waters along the rocky shoreline. At dusk tonight, MOD Police boarded the vessel and appear to have secured her to the shore, possibly to enable her to be pulled off at the next high tide. Also in attendance was SERCO tug SD Resourceful.


Golden Cross Adrift (again!)

The Golden Cross was adrift today off Ardentinny. The historic tug broke free from its mooring off Ardentinny Hotel at around 5.50am this morning. She is now lodged on a sandbank off Sandy Beach.

Video footage of the moored tug was captured by the webcam, as well as her drift across the bay (see below). This is the second time the tug has lost its mooring. In August last year, the Golden Cross broke free and drifted on to the same sandbank.

Golden Cross with HMS Pembroke in background