Road Kill Ardentinny – Is it Necessary?

Pheasant today near Angle Cottage

Sadly, wildlife fatalities around Ardentinny continue. Earlier today a pheasant was mown down near Angle Cottage on the road along the Glen. One has to wonder how these incidents occur.

Pheasants in the area are particularly tame. They can frequently be seen wandering by the side of the road and, at times, on the road. However, are these vehicles travelling so quickly that it is impossible for them to take avoiding action?

It’s the same situation for squirrels and the crows who crack open their mussel shells on the highway. Are vehicles driving too fast on these narrow roads to be able to see these creatures ahead?

Back in 2010 some local residents erected signs near the Swedish Houses to alert drivers of ‘baby” squirrels crossing. The possibility of signage warning of wildlife has also been discussed at Community Council meetings. However, these have yet to materialise.

One does wonder if this latest incident was related to someone relishing pheasant on the menu for their New Year meal, as just 20 minutes after our photograph was taken, the bird had mysteriously disappeared!


Goodwill to all ladies and gentlemen

Santa’s little helpers brought some Christmas magic to Ardentinny’s award-winning loos this week with a festive display and complimentary sweets for weary travellers. The immaculate conveniences which won awards for “Loo of the year” in 2004, 2006 and 2007 have been decked out with a santa, festive wreath and a jar of Werther’s Originals!

So tonight if you see a sleigh in the car park, it’s only old St. Nick taking a well-earned comfort break from his busiest night of the year!

A peaceful Christmas to you all.


Kids Christmas Fun

Xmas began early in the village hall with a party on Dec 1st for over twenty children who enjoyed lots of games, Christmas goodies and a present from Santa. The event was organised by Anna and Mary Jane who were ably assisted by many Mums, Dads, and grandparents, &, of course, Santa himself! The day was such a success that they are already thinking about next year’s.


Lightning Loggers.. A cabin is born

The ambitious Glenfinart Walled Garden project took a major step forward this week with the installation of a 24 square metre log cabin. The building will be used as the main administrative centre for the project.

Trust Convenor Bill Williamson said “2012 has been a remarkable year for Ardentinny. With the support of the community and our funders, we have acquired this historic garden and are now on the way to returning it to its former glory”.

Despite the freezing conditions on Tuesday, the crew from Forest Craft completed the cabin build before nightfall. Volunteers from the village also braved the elements to dispose of the recently felled birch trees and goat willow.

Over the coming weeks the group will be planting some 30 fruit trees in the garden as well as fitting out their new premises.

The Trust would very much welcome additional help. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Bill or Anna on 810238, Merle or Dennis on 810220 or Jimmy on 810170.



Community Council adopts new format for meetings and Forestry criticised for no warning of military manoeuvres

Perhaps in an attempt to encourage more community participation, Ardentinny Community Council announced a more succinct approach to its meetings in the future, with any business not concluded by 21.30 being carried over to the next meeting. Also, with the introduction of prior ‘business meetings’, it was proposed that matters arising from the minutes would take a much shorter time and that other items on the agenda could be addressed more quickly. Why not come along to the next meeting and support those who work on our behalf.

The meeting of the 4th December brought to light some interesting issues:

One of two portable toilets (with cautionary notice) temporarily installed at the Baron MacInturner Forest near Ardentinny for use by the visiting armed forces. [Click to enlarge]
The MOD has promised to supply a written response to the concerns raised recently by the Community Council. A member of the Community Council also raised concern that the MOD had undertaken manoeuvres in the surrounding area during November with no forewarning to residents.

David Robertson of the Forestry Commission apologised for not having informed the community in advance but explained that it had been a last minute request for approximately forty troops in training to camp at the beach area and that it seems that they had not informed FCS of the intention to do any more than just camp for one night. He said he would get in touch with the MOD in this regard and report back at the next meeting.

The deteriorating condition of the roads and the lack of gritting and/or signage on the Larach once again predominated discussion with the Community Council promising to write immediately to the Council’s Roads department.

The subject of the proposed windfarm at Cove was raised. It was agreed that Ardentinny Community Council would circulate all residents with outline information on the proposal together with details of the next presentation to be made by the Roseneath Peninsula West Development Trust in the Queen’s Hall , Dunoon on Monday 10 December at 19.00hrs.

Finally, it was agreed to put the question of a local emergency action plan on the agenda for the next Community Council business meeting.

Proposed Cove Windfarm letter to residents from Community Council (PDF).


Community Trust reflects on successful year

Work in progress: polytunnel, small shed and foundation for large timber building.

Ardentinny Community Trust this week published its first newsletter which has been distributed to all village residents. The update follows the progress of the garden from March 2012 to the present. Highlights from the year include the acquisition of the garden in late March; an Open Day at the Village Hall in May; clearing of part of the site in June; the agreement for Emma and Sophie Thompson to become patrons of the garden in August; and the construction of a small shed and polytunnel frame in November.

Throughout the year Trust Directors have also made several visits to similar projects throughout the UK and there have been visits to the Walled Garden by horticultural professionals in an advisory capacity. Before Christmas, the Trust hopes to have new fruit trees in place as well as the completion of the large timber shed.

With much work still to be done, the Trust would very much welcome additional volunteers. If you are interested, please contact Bill or Anna on 810238, Merle or Dennis on 810220 or Jimmy on 810170.

Ardentinny Community Trust Newsletter (PDF).