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Martha Payne – A Musical Tribute…


Ardentinny.org: Dunoon Observer ‘Correction’

In its 9 June edition the Dunoon Observer copied and printed our article ‘MOD needs to listen to its neighbours in Ardentinny says Argyll MSP‘ almost in its entirety and without our knowledge or permission. The Observer also added its own erroneous introduction to the article without checking with the source of the article.

We have since received an emailed apology from the sub-editor responsible and the newspaper has printed a ‘correction’ on page two of its 15th June edition. Although not stated in the ‘correction’, we would like to reiterate to our visitors and those who contributed to our article, that at no time did we give permission to the Dunoon Observer to lift and reprint our copyrighted material from Ardentinny.org.


Work continues at Walled Garden

The task of clearing the ground for the poly tunnel and paths continues as illustrated by this photograph taken earlier today.


All good news at Ardentinny Community Council meeting

At the Community Council meeting held on 7 June, 2012, there was a refreshing breeze of good news all round.

Policing of picnic area
First, PC Donald Mackay reported positive results from their increased patrols at the picnic area, and indeed letters of thanks to the force had been received in recognition of that achievement. There was also the confirmation that Ardentinny would receive an additional 15 hours dedicated patrols under the Ironworks scheme whereby a member of the force plus a Ranger would police the area at the weekends. This will commence 22 June.

Coronation Wood
It was agreed that a joint committee comprising a member from the Community Council, Community Trust, and Hall Association would take forward a plan to  renovate Coronation Wood. This would be funded, in part, by the Village Hall in addition to possible grant funding.

 Actual Reality in negotiations to buy Ardentinny Outdoor Centre
Centre Manager, Aidan Docherty outlined plans to celebrate Ardentinny Outdoor Centre’s 40th anniversary and intimated that Actual Reality is in negotiations with Argyll and Bute Council in order to buy the Outdoor Centre in Ardentinny. He stressed their commitment to the local community saying that this should secure 37 full-time jobs and outlined various activities, such as Community Open Days and collaboration with the Walled Garden project.

Proportional Representation
Newly elected Councillor Gordon Blair attended the meeting and took on board various issues of community concern and promised to look into and feed back on these. He said he would feed back to the Community Council secretary and to the two other Cowal councillors. He also said that he was meeting with the other Cowal Ward councillors to try and agree a rota system of attending community council meetings within the ward. He said we now have proportional representation and  therefore it’s  not a question of just concentrating on Colintraive or Lochgoilhead but more a joined up notion of working together and that he would do his bit to make sure that works.

Not quite all good news
It was announced that Community Councillors Teresa Forsyth and Jimmy Gordon had tendered their resignations. All community councillors work voluntarily on behalf of their community and the loss of two of their number is regrettable. Thanks go to Teresa and Jimmy for their invaluable contributions.

The next Community Council meeting and AGM will be held on Tuesday 7 August at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall.


Ardentinny Community Council meeting Minutes 3 April, 2012.

Ardentinny Community Council meeting Minutes 3 April, 2012.


Waverley – First of the season

The first trip up Loch Long this year for the Waverley.  The Two Lochs and a Castle Cruise to Loch Goil from Blairmore commences June 26. More details at www.waverleyexcursions.co.uk.


Cosy Den Youth Club presents…

Click image to enlarge

The pantomime programme from a production of Cinderella presented by the ‘Cosy Den Youth Club’ almost 50 years ago in the village hall. Were you there and whose names do you recognise? Thanks to Anna Williamson for these memories!


Ground clearing begins at Walled Garden

Today, 6th June, BL Groundworks began to clear a path in the walled garden. Billy (pictured here) begins work in earnest next Monday to clear part of the garden in the north-east where a polytunnel will be raised. Because of the specifications of the wall, only a small digger can be used. It is wonderfully peaceful in the garden, although unfortunately because of waiting for planning acceptance, work begins as the midgies arrive! Fortunately for us, Billy can handle them!
Merle Ferguson


MOD needs to listen to its neighbours in Ardentinny says Argyll MSP

Given recent media reports of safety concerns at HM naval Base Clyde, of which Coulport is part, plus the sounding of the emergency alarms outwith the regular Monday morning alarm tests, we contacted the Ministry of Defence with the suggestion that the Coulport facility liaise with Ardentinny.org and other neighbouring communities to provide regular information on these emergency alarms. We received a response from the Superintendent Weapons, RNAD Coulport, Mr. John Spy.

Mr. Spy said “I’m happy to confirm that the general alarm was activated on the 10th of May. This was caused by a system fault, and, as you would expect, the fault was rigorously investigated before the depot stood-down at around 19:00 hrs.” He also confirmed that the alarm system is tested each Monday at 10:00am.

Mr. Spy continued “RNAD Coulport has a single general alarm, which triggers automatic and generic responses to a variety of possible incidents from security alerts to fire alarms, consequently it is used as trigger to a variety of exercises throughout the year as the depot demonstrates its response to a variety of regulatory bodies. I do though appreciate that on a still day the sound of the alarm will carry to Ardentinny.

Such openness should be the norm, not the exception..
Michael Russell MSP

I can appreciate your concern given the occasions when elements of the media report misleadingly and inaccurately on safety at HM Naval Base Clyde. I would like to assure you, and members of the Ardentinny community, that the Naval Base makes safety its single top priority. The Naval Base, of which Coulport is an integral part, is a Nuclear Authorised site and is subject to regulation by the Defence Nuclear Safety Regulator and other regulatory bodies. Quite simply, if HM Naval Base Clyde did not meet these bodies’ stringent standards then we would not be permitted to operate. The site never compromises on safety and has an effective culture of continuous safety improvement.”

In further correspondence with RNAD Coulport we reiterated our request that the communities surrounding the base be made aware (after the event) as to the reason for each alarm alert, whether they be exercises or actual incidents. Such an initiative by RNAD Coulport would provide greater transparency for its operations and the concerns as to the safety of those living in the surrounding area who, until now, have been kept in the dark regarding these alerts.

Local MSP Michael Russell said “The MoD needs to listen to its neighbours in Ardentinny. I strongly support the suggestion from the community that prompt publication of the reasons for alarms and other worrying – and annoying – activity should take place on the community website and in other local media. Such openness should be the norm, not the exception and I hope management at RNAD Coulport will quickly take up the idea. I will be writing to the MoD to support it.’

Newly elected Cowal Councillor Gordon Blair said “I will discuss this issue with my colleagues in the Helensburgh and Lomond area to check if there is any such arrangement there for the people of Cove etc. Your suggestion seems reasonable simply on a customer service perspective and I will investigate the possibility of getting someone round to the Community Council, for example, from Coulport to discuss the issues you have.”

We understand that a representative from the MOD used to attend Ardentinny Community Council meetings and that a member of Ardentinny Community Council has been in contact with HM Naval Base Clyde requesting that this be reinstated.

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