[Fri. 18:27:42] Clean palette.. Jean moves on

Stalwart of Ardentinny’s arts and crafts scene for the past 16 years, bowler, dancer, bridge player, gardener and outdoor enthusiast, Jean Grimes leaves her many Ardentinny friends next week for pastures new. An accomplished artist, Jean is pictured here with one of her most recent canvases.

On behalf of the village, we wish her continued good health and happiness. Come back and visit us often!

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[Thurs. 20:17:52] Swan loch


[Wed. 18:30:28] Recycle me!

Overflowing bins at Ardentinny recycling area.


[11:57:14] Pirates & dragons

Ardentinny Outdoor Centre dragon boat pirates under tow.


[20:14:36] Grin reaper


[22:33:35] Not a tweet

Online crows at rest, at dusk.


[10:39:50] Saturday ceramics

A hands-on pottery session under the guidance of Ardentinny ceramics guru Bill Williamson.  Bill will be participating in Cowal Open Studios later this year (see last year’s catalogue here).


Ardentinny blaze destroys caravan

The remains of the caravan.

Fire engulfed a mobile home at Glenfinart Caravan Park early on Friday morning. The caravan which we understand was recently up for sale, was completely destroyed.  One local resident said “I was awoken at around 1.30am on Friday morning by a bright light outside the window, I immediately phoned the emergency services, however the fire service had already been alerted. It really looked a ferocious blaze”.

Police were unable to comment.

Thursday morning's blaze could be seen from Ardentinny.


Young drinkers in stone throwing incident

Some 20+ young people partied at Sandy Beach.

Police stopped and boarded the Ardentinny to Dunoon 485 bus late on Friday June 4 after an Ardentinny resident reported stones being thrown at her window. A group of young people in a number of cars was noticed earlier in the evening drinking on Sandy Beach. The resident said that several stones were thrown at her window late on Friday. When she went to investigate she received verbal abuse from a group of mostly drunk girls.  A Police spokeperson confirmed that the last bus had been stopped but none of the alleged offenders were on the bus and could not be found. They may have got in to a car or cars or gone in to someone’s house. If anyone has any information on the incident, they should contact Dunoon Police on 01369 763060.


[17:21:38] Hungry squirrel

The red squirrel is featured in a forest kids trail behind Ardentinny village today.

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