Village Hall Open Day

The Village Hall held a successful Open Day on Sunday  25 April. The intention was to seek the views of the community on what they’d like to see take place in the hall and what they would be prepared to participate in. Very welcome tea and home baking were on offer and Gordon Smith kindly set up Carpet Bowling and willingly tutored those who wished to have a go. The Village Hall Committee will publish the results of its consultation in due course.


Ardentinny Bowling Club Season Opening

Showers and sunshine were the order of the day on Saturday 17 April as President Gordon Smith welcomed a large attendance of members, friends and bowlers from kindred clubs who had braved the Council and Forestry Commission potholes to attend the opening of Ardentinny B.C. 2010 season.

Before the opening ceremony a minutes silence was held in memory of four of our members who had recently passed away.

Gordon then introduced the opening party of Councillor Alex McNaughton, Colintraive B.C., Sheila Vosper, Ardentinny B.C and Vice President Archie Neilson. In his speech he went on to thank everyone for coming, before commenting briefly on the green and the new changing facilities which was erected to replace the much loved caravan which had finally succumbed to the odd shower and gentle breezes which had beset the area over its lifetime.

Alex McNaughton then spoke on behalf of Kindred Clubs and wished Ardentinny  B.C. a prosperous and successful season.

Sheila Vosper accompanied by Archie Nielson then delivered the silver jack and two bowls and President Smith declared the green open for season 2010.

The winners of the hotly contested wappenshaw were as follows:
Les Hamilton, Ardentinny B.C., Isobel Collier, Upper Cowal B.C. and Jenny Campbell, Bogleha B.C. with the first toucher being won by Gordon Smith.

The Committee wish to thank everyone who supplied purvey, raffles and helped in any way towards making the day such a success.

Even that Icelandic volcano couldn’t spoil the occassion.

J.Robinson (Sec)


Second beach clean

There was a second beach clean on Sunday 11 April in order to finish off the last section which could not be completed on Easter Sunday. 9 bags were collected by beach cleaners Pauline and Jimmy Gordon; Sandra and Brian Tweddle, Eileen Connell, Margaret Greenhalgh and her visiting grandson Fraser Downs. The bags were kindly disposed of by Ian Adams of the Forestry Commission.


Pet dog shot dead in Glenfinart

Three and a half year old Harley

A pet dog was shot dead in a field containing sheep near Coul Cottage, Glenfinart on Tuesday morning.

Dog owner Fraser Harding said that the three and a half year old boxer ‘Harley’ had possibly got into the field through a hole in a fence. ‘I let Harley out into the garden as usual at around 7.15am. Later I noticed the farmer was in the field. I called the dog but he didn’t appear. The farmer then drove away and returned around half an hour later. I heard a bang and I just knew it was Harley. The sheep, which I could see from our cottage, had been quite quiet before the bang but were now very agitated with the noise’. Mr. Harding said that the dog had been shot twice.

Mr Harding agrees that the dog should not have strayed into the field and he accepts full responsibility for this. However, he told us that he is upset that the farmer, whom he says he has known for several years, did not immediately alert him to the fact that his dog was loose in his field. contacted the farmer to invite his comments and received the following response:

‘It was with great regret that I was obliged to shoot a dog which had crossed the River Finart and was worrying my sheep which had new born lambs with them. This dog had repeatedly over a prolonged period, strayed onto my land in Glenfinart and on many occasions had chased my sheep into corners in the field immediately adjoining its home but on this particular occasion, in the middle of my lambing season it had crossed the river and was hundreds of metres from Coul Cottage, chasing sheep and newly born lambs. I have been losing lambs in that location over the past ten days and suspected a fox, however in retrospect it may well have been the dog which had probably chased lambs into the river or ditches. Over the past 2 years I had repeatedly asked the owners to restrain their dog and at the very least to repair the fence in their garden in the hope the dog would remain within their property.

I cannot stress enough to dog owners the need to keep their pets under control at all times. It is a dog’s nature to chase and a sheep’s nature to run away and there is no telling how much damage may be done particularly at this time of year when lambs are being born.’

A Dunoon Police source confirmed that the incident had been reported by both the dog owner and the farmer.

Each year thousands of sheep are killed or injured by dogs. The law is clear on domestic animals and livestock. Under The Animals Act 1971, a farmer can shoot any dog considered a threat to his/her animals. Especially during the lambing season, dog owners have to be particularly vigilant when walking their dogs anywhere in the vicinity of fields containing sheep. Dog owners should also remember that farmers regularly rotate fields containing sheep, therefore, the owner may not necessarily be sure what’s on the other side of the hedge. A normally placid family dog can become a killer in a field of sheep and, even if the sheep remain untouched, it could cause lambs to be aborted or death of the sheep later.

We understand that the NFU can supply signs to farmers to help protect their animals, we will be investigating this. With the beginning of the tourist season upon us, will be working to promote responsible dog ownership to our residents and visitors alike.

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Thank you Ardentinny…

and to all who gave to our Cowal Hospice Collection. From Christmas to Easter we managed to raise £95.00, which was handed over to Cowal Hospice on 12 April, 2010. Thanks go too to the Ardentinny Village Hall Committee for hosting our collection box over the Christmas period and for kindly confirming the funds that were collected in the Hall.


Nanny McPhee visits Dunoon

Double-Oscar-winning actress, Emma Thompson, has connections with Ardentinny which go back a long way. Her father, actor and writer, Eric Thompson created and narrated the English version of The Magic Roundabout in the 1960’s. Her mother still has a home in the village. Her uncle also ran the Primrose Tearoom in days gone by

On Saturday, 10 April, Emma, with illustrator Scoular Anderson, was at Bookpoint, Dunoon signing copies of her new book  “Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang” whose character she also plays in the book’s movie. Several hundred delighted children queued to chat with the two celebrities and have their books autographed.



Village Hall AGM

With membership down; lower attendance at functions; and high maintenance bills, this past year’s Village Hall Committee has done a splendid job in both saving the hall from closure and making a profit of £854.73.

However, the future remains uncertain as there are insufficient volunteers for this year’s committee and there is a need for information from residents as to what they would like to see take place in the hall. Therefore, it was decided at the AGM that  they will hold an Open Day on 25th April, at 2.p.m., to which all residents will be invited to come along for a cup of tea and to discuss their views on the future of the hall.

Everyone will be made most welcome!

Download Chairperson’s Report (pdf 273kb)