Shiny new things

We’ve stacked many of the gleaming new shelves with content at the new, but still have a few boxes to unpack, so please bear with us! The removal truck was overflowing with goodies from the old site, and sadly we had to leave some gems behind. But, fear not, you can still access the old site at  The shiny new version of will be a much easier and faster site to update, so the local breaking news should arrive on your desktop faster, fresher and hotter than ever before! Please do take a moment and tell us what you think.


2 Replies to “Shiny new things”

  1. Congratulations on the new site, first saw it yesterday, it’s changing day by day !. Thanks also for the pix on the Loch Long live web-cam of our new boat, good for checking it’s safety !!
    Again congrats for a super job on the site.
    Pauline & James

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