A New Season

Ardentinny Bowling Green on Loch Long

It  has been a bad winter for the green with a heavy frost and snow putting it in the deep freeze for a month, thereby restricting growth and work on the green.

However the weather has finally relented a bit, so in preparation for the coming season the green has been solid tined and verti drained, then a  top dressing of 10 tons of sand, spring and summer fertiliser, lawn sand and grass seed applied.

During the winter our luxury, “AYE RIGHT ” caravan / changing room finally succumbed to the vagaries of the Ardentinny climate and it was decided that a replacement should be sought. Don Cragg our clubhouse convener, sourced a suitable replacement at Beaver Timber Buildings at Barcaldine. It is now in place and ready for the new season. The old caravan has also been demolished and removed.

2010 Events
Saturday 3rd April   at  10 am – Annual General Meeting.
Saturday 17th April  at 2:30 pm. – Opening Day – All welcome!
Sunday 2nd May at 10am. – Gents invitation triples.
Sunday 11th July at 10am. – Ladies  invitation triples
Watch this space for further news after the A.G.M.

Jim Robinson (Secretary).


A community opportunity for Ardentinny?

In response to the Forestry Commission’s advertisement regarding the possible sale of  ‘Ardentinny Walled Garden’ in last week’s issue of the Dunoon Observer, Ardentinny.org contacted the Commission for further information.

The Commission’s officer, Ronnie Lee. advised that, as a government department, the first step was to inform and alert local community groups, such as community councils, who may wish to express an interest in the purchase before it goes on the open market. He said that communities had a period of 28 days, from the publication of the advertisement, to send a formal written expression of interest to the Commission with a view to entering into further discussion. If no formal expressions of interest have been received from community bodies within those 28 days, the property can then go on the open market.

Mr. Lee agreed that this information could also be made public on ardentinny.org and kindly sent us a copy of the plans (download available below) and the information booklet entitled National Forest Land Scheme which can be downloaded from the Forestry Commission website.

Ardentinny.org has written to the Convener of the Community Council, and copied to all its members, requesting that this be included in the agenda of their AGM on 6th April and that they elicit the views of the community on this potentially exciting opportunity for Ardentinny before it is lost.

Download location plan  (pdf 428kb)

Download National Forest Land Scheme (pdf 1.51mb)

The Walled Garden, Ardentinny.

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Finalised Draft Local Plan available in Village Hall

There is copy of the full Plan available for reference in Ardentinny Village Hall. The Hall will be open, as follows:
Monday evening           7pm – 9pm              (during bridge)
Tuesday morning          10am – 12noon        (during badminton)
Wednesday evening      7pm – 9pm              (during hobbies)
Thursday afternoon       3pm – 5pm             (during carpet bowls)

The relevant Local Plan Ardentinny map pages can also be downloaded from here (pdf). Complete Plan pages can be downloaded from here.


Mobile bookworms

A book to suit every taste

Mobile Library at Ardenfield

Ardentinny residents are reminded that the Mid Argyll Mobile Library visits the village every 4 weeks and provides a very useful community service for all. As the service is linked to the main library database, you can join at the mobile library if you are not already a member. You can also take out or return books loaned from any of the library branches, ideal if you are unable to return the book to the original branch. Please remember that if we don’t use the mobile library, we may lose it!

You can get more details on the Mobile Library service by contacting Gordon Swanson on 01546 602072 or 07990 773102, or why not pay the library a visit in Ardentinny soon!

The well stocked shelves

Mobile Library Dates

April 20th,  May 18th & June 15th.

Craighoyle Farm 9.30
Drynain 9.45
Village Hall 10.00
Swedish houses 10.15
Car park 10.30
Strathan Cottage 10.45
Ardenfield 11.00
Anchorage 11.15
Charity Cottage 11.30


You can download the complete Mid Argyll Mobile Library timetable here.


Hall committee members STILL wanted

In preparation for this year’s AGM, we are now taking names for new committee members. Two of which will need to be office bearers.

Six of our current committe shall be standing down, leaving five people to put their names forward for the minimum legal requirement.

If you can spare some time, please forward your name to Babs on 810180 or contact any current committee member.


A Vision for Blairmore

This weekend Blairmore Village Trust held an exhibition and consultation event in their village hall. The rationale was to consult on a wide variety of issues, i.e.,

– regular ferry service between Blairmore, Helensburgh. Gourock and Kilcreggan
– regular ferry service between Blairmore and Arrochar
– safe facilities for small boats to gain access to Blairmore
– a network of interesting way-marked walks
– inspiring art within the landscape of the shore and/or woodland
– creation of outdoor activity for children
– establishment of an all-year cafe/bar
– landscaping of Blairmore Green
– improved parking within the village centre
– re-establishment of Blairmore House as a hotel and corporate venue
– adoption of the High Road
– re-establishment of market garden on the High Road
– implementation of a ‘Destination Development Strategy’

Is it time for Ardentinny to re-visit its vision for our village? Perhaps an item for discussion at the forthcoming Community Council AGM on 6th April.

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Shiny new things

We’ve stacked many of the gleaming new shelves with content at the new ardentinny.org, but still have a few boxes to unpack, so please bear with us! The removal truck was overflowing with goodies from the old site, and sadly we had to leave some gems behind. But, fear not, you can still access the old site at old.ardentinny.org.  The shiny new version of ardentinny.org will be a much easier and faster site to update, so the local breaking news should arrive on your desktop faster, fresher and hotter than ever before! Please do take a moment and tell us what you think.


National Park Members Election 2010

Residents of the National Park will elect five members of the National Park Authority Board by postal ballot with the count taking place on 1 July. The returning officer for the election is Bob Jack, Chief Executive of Stirling Council, who will organise the nominations and the election on behalf of the National Park Authority. The National Park members election 2010 (pdf 191kb) gives more detail on the timetable and how you can make sure you are eligible to vote.


Ardentinny Hencam

Ex-bats Live hens from Ardentinny
We usually have several cameras covering the henhouse. If you can’t see the hens, then it probably means the girls are stretching their legs in the outside run. Best time to catch them is first thing in the morning or around dusk or meal times (i.e. all day!). You can also see them fast asleep in their nestbox throughout the night 🙂

25 March 09
A Day in the Life of 9 Ex-Bats…

Hencam video archive

15 March 09
Another busy day at Hen HQ…

It’s snow time for the girls (2009)

June 2008

Rescued ex-battery hens
LIVE from Ardentinny

It was a case of handle with care in late June when Ardentinny’s newest residents moved into the village. The six 11-month old hens were part of a batch of 628 ex-battery birds saved from slaughter by the Scottish branch of the Battery Hen Welfare Trust (www.bhwt.org.uk). The main aim of the trust is to reduce demand for battery hen eggs and to increase the number of consumers opting for free-range and organic.

The rescue was organised by BHWT Scottish coordinator Jim Duff in Perthshire. The Trust pays the farmer 25p for each hen and the new owners are charged 50p per bird. As a charity, donations are of course encouraged, with all proceeds going to the BHWT. To date, the charity has re-homed some 88,755 hens.

Ardentinny’s new arrivals have settled in well in their retirement home, considering the extremely harsh conditions they have endured over their short lives. For the first time they now have the freedom to explore outdoors, see the sun for the first time (or rather the current rainy Ardentinny conditions), and exercise their natural chicken instincts. The hens are now on a 100% organic diet and are gradually being introduced to additional healthful, natural supplements

You can watch the ex-bat girls LIVE, 24 hours a day at www.ardentinny.org/hens/.

More information: Battery Hen Welfare Trust – www.bhwt.org.uk

Rescue day – June 2008

Images from the day

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Community Council Archive

During the move to the new website, please view Community Council archive here.

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